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Party Music For Any Occasion/Celebration in Birmingham and the West Midlands

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About DJ Dave:-

Born in the 70's, discovered music in the 80's!!

After being trained to DJ at Sandwell Hospital Radio in the early 90's, DJ Dave  took to the mobile DJ road after building his first lighting rig, controller and decks!  Bringing some musical madness combined with night club style beat mixing on CD with everything from the 60’s through to the dance charts of the day, to the celebrating people of  the West Midlands for 13 years after that.

DJ Dave retired from Mobile life in 2007 to spend time with family,  with the occasional performance and various events at St Matthews Family/Dove Social Club since 2011.

Now in 2016, DJ Dave returning to mobile disco life helping the party people of Midlands celebrate once more in the digital age!! New compact and powerful led lighting, laptop with USB DJ interface for beat mixing is a far cry from the old 4 way and 8 way disco light boxes!

Over the years, DJ Dave has performed in some of the best venues in the West Midlands from Hotels, Night Clubs and Social Clubs with some of the best local bands and entertainers.

DJ Dave!

This was one of the first DJT-Disco setups from the early 90’s, and a 20 something DJ Dave! The rig Used 24 * 60W spot lamps, and 6 100W spot lamps!

Looks so very dated now with today’s led lighting!  

DJ Dave in the early Days

DJT-Disco’s current setup, adaptable for most venues.  The power of the lighting has certainly increased over the years. The spots used now are 30W COB LED's and with the EVL Mad Spins DMX linked, give just the right amount of motion projected light into most venues. These combined with the other led panels and tubes provide an excitement of vivid colour set to a clean crisp sound provided by RCF active ART715 Mk2 tops for up to 150 people, and  RCF Active subs for larger audiences to make any party or event that special feel.

“How  Much Do you charge for a Disco ?”

This is one of the most common first questions most people ask when they enquire about booking a DJ.

Most Professional/competent  DJ’s will not give a quote until they have some information about the event. You wouldn’t not expect to pay the same amount for a Sunday afternoon children's party for 2 hours, as a Wedding Reception party between 7:30 and 11:30 on a Saturday night would you?

The venue and location of the function room within the venue is a critical piece of information required for the DJ to work out how long he/she needs for she needs to allocate for arrival and setup time, if they need to bring assistance to get the equipment to and from the function room etc.

Most importantly, the DJ will need to know the event performance times.

Once the DJ has all this information, he/she can then issue a quotation based on a standard base price.

To check DJT-Disco’s availability and request a quotation, please contact us (see above), and  DJ-Dave will get back to you ASAP ( * usually weekday and Sunday evenings after 7 PM are the best times for contact)

As a guide, DJT-Disco’s base price as of  Oct ‘16 is around £170 for 19:30 to midnight, with downstairs easy access local venues for evening events, with arrival/setup time 1 hour before the event.

Children’s parties start at £75 for Saturday and Sunday daytimes for 2 hours (with downstairs easy access local venues), + £20 per additional each additional hour.